About Samurai Games

More shadowy characters than samurai and ninja are difficult to remember. The presence of samurai is enveloped in secrecy behind seven seals, and what we understand about them is more like school casts. Although samurai are such widespread characters that a massive number of samurai games have been produced, and new and new ones arrive every day.

Among the categories of games in which the central characters are samurai, all types of action categories are represented.

Who are samurai?

In prehistoric Japan, samurai were men who were feudal nobles, were rich, and led a material lifestyle. Samurai generally were trivial lords who, if required, could take up army service. The word “samurai” itself implies “to serve”, consequently, the belonging of the samurai to army service has a great role.

Samurai were a sort of Japanese cavaliers, operated under the bigger lords, who were their superpower, and acted as guards for their master and executed the responsibilities of his servants.

Samurai utilized specific munitions: they constantly had two daishos, Japanese swords - wakizashi and katana. Additionally, the samurai were expected to be confident in archery. The discrepancy between the samurai was his shell made of plates, plates that were tied with laces.

The picture of the samurai is strongly rooted in fiction and art. Many movies and TV series about the samurai and their journeys have been shot.

What samurai are legendary for?

The central heroes of samurai games date back to 646. There are many tales and stories about samurai, many of which are displayed in samurai games. But most of these tales are nothing more than labels and fairy tales.

A lot of people believe that a samurai in real life was almost unfeasible to meet. But historiographers chuckle and say that throughout the peak of samurai civilization, their number was 10% of the overall populace of Japan.

Also, do not think that samurai only understood how to battle, though most samurai games are dedicated exclusively to battles and confrontations. Among the samurai there were many writers and authors, ranchers, and lawmakers, they had huge families.

The samurai had four qualities that were their symbols:

- unachievable high level of army skills,
- honest and full dedication to its landlord, up to self-sacrifice.
- dominance of the samurai class over all other genres and groups of the populace,
- a samurai in his life abided by bushido or the system of honor.

What are samurai games?

Among fans of virtual samurai games, many are not only admirers of virtual games but also attracted to Japanese civilization. Such people are not restricted to games in the conventional samurai games category of battles and confrontations. They appreciate playing imaginative coloring and drawing games, reasoning, and mind games.

Quite a few samurai games cannot be credited to any category. They embody multi-level arcades and missions, journeys, and even detective games.

Whichever category samurai games fit in, they ensure involvement in Japanese society and a chance to encounter the mysteries of samurai life and culture.