About Zombies Games

Many of you probably wonder where our cultural obsession with zombies came from, and how they became so popular. This question is probably of most interest to your parents, as they try to understand your love of zombie games.

In general, zombies themselves have been interested in humanity for a long time—many myths and legends about these mysterious creatures state that they are nothing more than corpses that suddenly come to life. Zombies are considered living people who become enslaved by an unknown force and completely subordinate all thoughts to actions. Since zombies are removed of their own will, they obey orders unquestioningly: they become living corpses.

It is generally accepted that zombie games must be horror stories, that creatures acting in such games should not cause anything but disgust. For the most part, however, the zombies in our zombie games section are actually quite nice creatures. Imagine, for example, that there is a whole city inhabited by zombies. These urban zombies live life to the best of their abilities, go to work every day, look after their small gardens, and raise children. Zombie games are mostly comprised of cute, cozy games with stories from their quiet zombie lives.

It is generally accepted that zombies are not a friend of man, and that they only plot ways to catch a man and enjoy his brains. But imagine for a second that in the same Zombie City man manages to befriend zombies and they find common interests. It is these unusual stories of friendship that you will find on our zombie games page.

But for those who expect a game with a more traditional plot, there is an interesting lesson here: the section is also full of dynamic games with fierce fights and strategic battles against the zombie army. Most often you will have to oppose the zombies on the side of the special forces detachment, which was abandoned in Mexico, a country which we know from cartoons and comics, is simply teeming with these terrible creatures.