About Ping Pong Games

Another series of cult classic Ping Pong Games released in the distant 70s. The action of the game is similar to a real sports ping pong game.

What is ping pong?

Few people know, but table tennis is the younger brother of tennis. Initially, table tennis used standard mesh rackets and fairly heavy balls. Then the rackets were made of wood, and the classic tennis ball was replaced with a light ball made of plastic. Of course, the rules of the game have also adapted a little, but the essence remains the same. Two opponents take turns throwing a ball over the net and hitting it with a racket.

What about ping-pong? It is widely believed that this is just one of the names for table tennis. But this is not the case. There is a different goal in ping pong. The players' task is to keep the ball on the table as long as possible. For the masters of the game, this can take several hours!

Development of ping pong games

Ping-pong originated in the East. There are wall paintings in the residence of the Chinese emperors, which depict games that resemble table tennis. Yes, and Japanese researchers talk about the existence in ancient Japan of a primitive sport that was very similar to modern ping-pong.

In a word, the story is confusing, but no less interesting from this, because tennis was played in Europe as well. Of course, this was not the same game as that of the Chinese and Japanese, but the great-grandfather of modern tennis.

During the Renaissance, ball and ball games became almost cult. We played with enthusiasm and came up with different rules. The great-grandfather of tennis at first looked like this: a stretched net and a ball that was thrown over the net with palms. But it turned out to be quite traumatic, and soon people began to wear leather gloves.

A little later, wooden planks were attached to the gloves - already something resembling a racket. By the way, the ball looked pretty funny - it was decorated with feathers.

What ping pong games do we have?

Players on two different sides of the screen control the paddles by moving them up and down and hitting the ball. Gradually the speed of the ball's movement increases and if the player misses the ball, he is considered defeated. An interesting fact is that this game became the prototype of a more modern game of Arkanoid.

Online table tennis games can hardly be called a full-fledged substitute for real ping-pong, but if you have neither a racket, nor a table at hand, and your soul requires you to drive a plastic ball back and forth, then the substitute is quite justified. Play table tennis for free and without registration right now!

The youngest players also have the opportunity to at least get acquainted with the rules of this popular sport. Characters of favorite books and cartoons will help them in this. Believe me, it's very cool to interact with these characters in online games.

All games presented in this category have unsurpassed graphics and are accompanied by great music. These games are not only fun for players, but also develop logic, attention, reaction, and other skills that will come in handy in the future.