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The scientific expedition was for a long time on the island of penguins. During this time, they managed to build themselves a small house and tame penguins. People lived in peace with the penguins, so when they left the island they decided to offer the penguins to live in a built house. So the penguins will live in safety. After the departure of people, the penguins immediately moved into the house. They took away their supplies and strengthened weaknesses in the house. In addition, they put powerful snow cannons on all sides, firing snowballs and helping the penguins get rid of constantly attacking polar bears and other enemies. In addition to predators, snowmen attack penguins and, if they are not stopped, they will drive the penguins out of their house, after which they themselves will occupy it. We need to try to prevent this from happening and, together with the penguins, repel the attack of all enemies.

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