About Power Tower - Teen Titans Go! Game

Play Power Tower - Teen Titans Go! Game. Do you know the Teen Titans? They are five young people who do their best to save the world we live in, any time they have to. They have special powers that help them with their missions, and more than that, they live in a big tower next to the city. Not only that they live there daily, but they can get their power from the tower too. In the Power Tower game, you will get to meet the Teen Titans, and also take a tour of their fabulous house. The game has ten different levels, and in each level, you will discover a part of the tower. Robin will guide you, and you will help him get through the obstacles on his way. You need to be very careful when you visit the Teen Titans Tower because you can get into a trap at every step, or get hurt. Play the game on all the types of devices and have a much fun!

Watch how to play: