About Operation Games

Guys, welcome to the Operation games section. Here you can test your skills in surgery, performing complex operations, and helping people and animals to enjoy life again without problems.

Operation - what is it?

Do you know what children want to be when they grow up? For example, boys choose a profession - a businessman or a pilot, and girls want to become - a teacher or a doctor.

What do you want to become when you become an adult? We invite you to test your abilities in the field of surgery by making operations for patients. If you want to save lives, you first need to practice virtual patients. Surgery games are a great trainer for your surgical skills!

In this section, we have collected for you the most colorful games of any complexity. Each game will give you an inside look at your dream profession.

Surgical operation is the basis of operation games

If you want to prove to everyone that not only a man but also a girl can become a good surgeon, then start the operation with games. By acquiring basic skills, you will quickly master all the nuances and become the best surgeon!

A surgeon is one of the most difficult and responsible professions in the world. It is to these specialists that patients come in an endless stream, each with their problems, and not everyone, unfortunately, can be helped. If you dream of becoming a great doctor, graduating from a medical university, and masterly performing complex transplantations, download surgery games on our website. Learn about the features of this profession from the inside and become a real professional in your field!

What genres of operation games do we have?

Operations games for girls are a unique opportunity to show the complexity of the medical profession in a correct and accessible form. To make a virtual trepanation or bypass surgery, it is not at all necessary to know the anatomy and understand the structure of the human body. In surgery games, there will always be an experienced nurse and an assistant next to your child, who will suggest the correctness and sequence of actions.

Operation games, as a rule, take place in hospitals, and fairy princesses, pets, otherworldly monsters, and just ordinary people act as patients. Quickly and efficiently provide them with the help they need and earn the proud title of a real specialist!

Knee Surgery is another game in the surgical series. In it, you will need to work with the knee of a person. The fact is that he damaged it, and it was normal that he damaged it and you need to put this knee in order. So, you have to tackle this problem and consistently, doing everything according to the instructions.

You will be given the tools, and you just need to choose the one that best suits the current situation and use it correctly. It is not difficult and very interesting.