Mechanoid Menace - Ben 10

Mechanoid Menace - Ben 10

About game «Mechanoid Menace - Ben 10»

Probably everyone has thought at least once in their life that they would like to be a superhero. We have great news: in this you have such an opportunity! Playing this game, you will have the superpower of Omnitrix! You will need to use your superpowers to save the city and protect it from evil enemies.

Robot Guy and Steam Smythe appear to be already unleashing mayhem! Fortunately, Ben is willing to lend you his superpowers, so you must defend the town. Keep an eye out for villains approaching your range, then attack them many times to make them vanish. Score combination attacks using your talents to gain as many coins as possible!

Well, let's get on the mission! Use your keyboard to enter the battle. For example, press the right and left arrows to swing your arms. But wait for the right moment to attack the enemy. Also monitor the progress of filling the scale of your superpower. Once the scale is complete, press the space bar to use it. Pressing the space bar will make you invulnerable for a while and you will be able to get closer to the enemy.

Remember that the enemy has evil intentions to capture your city. So do not delay and act decisively!

Different enemies of yours also have different superpowers. So study them carefully to understand how to fight them. Some may change their tactics unexpectedly, others have a high level of endurance. Therefore, make every effort to defeat them.

Use the accumulated bonuses to pump your hero and improve his skills.

Ready? Then let's save the world!

Watch how to play: