About Mafia Games

This genre consists of games that are associated with such a phenomenon as "mafia". This notion was closely associated with the world of crime and criminality, so mafia games are a chance to irritate your nerves and receive a great dose of adrenaline. In the end, mafia games are constantly very risky.

What is the Mafia?

The Mafia is a mysterious non-governmental criminal organization, mostly a gangster organization, which by intimidation, racketeering and terror interferes in the political life of the country, trying to influence the adoption of favorable political and economic decisions.

Over the centuries, a centralized, hierarchical structure of the mafia has been formed, which is based on unconditional submission, a circular guarantee, and brutal terror.

In the twentieth century, the mafia operated throughout Italy, monopolizing the traditional "criminal business" (gambling houses, drug trafficking, smuggling, prostitution).

But nowadays, the mafia is the most prevalent performing character in TV series and highlight movies. Based on the concept of the mafia, numerous various virtual mafia games have been invented.

What mafia groups are represented in mafia games?

The Italian mafia is the most common choice in mafia games. But apart from the Italian mafia, other fields of criminal societies have occurred and still are present in the world. The Italian mafia Cosa Nostra is one of the most famous criminal communities.

One of the most prominent mafia associations on the globe is the Yakuza. They are the Japanese mafia and are frequently embodied as protagonists in mafia games. The combatants of this mafia are specifically prepared warriors who are ruthless to their opponents.

Additionally, in the storyline of mafia games, the Chinese mafia Triad can be utilized, which do instructors of usual oriental martial arts who perform criminal actions around the globe represent.

Moreover, across the globe, the Irish mafia, branch of the Mexican mafia, along with the Russian mafia, which is most broadly represented in the US illegal world, create a great threat.

What categories can be found in the mafia games genre?

Games in the mafia games genre are most frequently portrayed in the category of shooters and battles because the mafia performs criminal actions and sometimes takes part in street fights and shootings.

Although there are not many games in which the player needs to pass an energizing quest and resolve complicated riddles.

There are many puzzle games in which the gamer must solve the offered quests and resolute riddles to accomplish the mission and beat the mafia.

The key part of mafia games is characterized by diverse categories of games, which have aspects of racing and shooters, battles and confrontations, missions, and adventures. Most frequently, in games of this genre, the mafia starts a conflict with the police, because in real life the patrol and the mafia are always fighting sides.

If you like playing mafia games on the side of the mafia, then you will have the chance to employ various kinds of guns that the mafia constantly has in stock. If you play on the side of the police, then you must face the mafia in stringent accordance with the letter of the law.