Under the name "lol games" hides a special category of games, which in its entirety is called "League of Legends". Also, by this name it is customary to mean games created based on the main game.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a special role-playing game that also includes elements of MOBA. This game was released in 2009 by the developer Riot Games.

The game is built on the principle of playing sports. Separate sessions or parties of lol games are held. To get to such a session as a player, you must submit an application for the game and go through the automatic selection of players, which takes into account the player’s rating in the mode for which he applied.

All players entering a session start the game from an entry-level level without any merit or privilege.

There are also many online games, with which users have the opportunity to practice and get the necessary skills for the main game.

The essence of lol games

The essence of the game League of Legends is that the player must consistently destroy all enemy buildings that are the protection of the nexus or the main building based on the game team. The team that managed to destroy the nexus comes out victorious. And then the second team is a loser.

To get to the nexus, you need to go through defensive towers and inhibitors. From the towers, a player is fired, and minions, non-player characters, whose goal is to attack players, are moving along a certain line. At the last stage, the inhibitors send whole waves of minions against the players.
By destroying minions and destroying buildings, the player earns points, after accumulating which the player can increase his level, as well as appear gold, for which you can buy items that increase the level of player characteristics.

Popularity of lol games

The game League of Legends and its derivatives lol games are very popular and in demand among users and players on the network. Every month, more than one hundred million registered participants play the original game alone.

Broadcasts of game sessions attract a huge number of viewers. More than fifty million spectators watch tournaments annually simultaneously.
In terms of the number of microtransactions implemented, lol game even surpassed the famous DOTA 2, which is the main competitor of League of Legends in the MOBA genre.

The creators of the game earn about $ 2 billion annually from it, and now League of Legends games are considered the most profitable game for the PC.

In Thailand, 5% of all citizens of this country play lol games. In South Korea, it was recognized as the most popular game, and it was the broadcast of this game that the most popular game channels showed, preferring it to other games. In 2013, lol games made a real revolution in the world of e-sports, when the United States decided to equate professional games players with professional athletes. The e-sportsmen of this game even began to be awarded “athlete visas”, and such visas are issued only to NBA or NHL players.