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Welcome to the section with Kart Games. Here you will find a quality collection of free karting games of various genres and directions.

What are karts?

Karting is becoming increasingly widespread both as leisure and as a sport. In lots of towns, kart circuits are emerging where you can particularly spend your free time, advance your driving abilities, get rid of stress and just enjoy your time.

This is the reason why more and more people are engaged in karting: they start to discover what it is, how it developed, and how to ride it correctly.

Go-kart is a race on karts (small race cars with tiny wheels, involving a frame, seat, and engine, they have no structure, flexible suspension, and differential). It is believed to be one of the most widespread kinds of motorsports.

Karting may be split into 2 kinds: sports and rental.

Development of kart games

The name “kart” comes from the English “kart” - “cart”. It is believed that the progenitor of karting is children's races from the slope on homemade cars without motors.

The first full-fledged map was built in California in 1956 by an American named Art Ingles. He worked as a mechanic for Kurtis Kraft, a racing car company. His kart was assembled from unnecessary scrap metal and was closer in design complexity to children's homemade products than to modern karts. However, it had one important difference from children's karts - a two-stroke engine from a lawnmower.

Once the card was introduced to the general public, its popularity began to grow at a phenomenal rate. The first official kart race was held in California in 1957. In the same year, the first company that professionally built cards appeared in the United States - Go-Kart Manufacturing Co.

What kart games do we offer?

Super cool, new, and best karting games are carefully collected by us for your pleasure. Play now, online without registration, and completely free!

Karting is analogous to racing. Only instead of large and heavy racing cars, small cars have used that drive around the track at high speed.

If you are a fan of high speeds and fun pastimes, then these Karting games are just for you! This section, completely dedicated to karting, contains a variety of games. In some, you will simply drive on the highway and try to overtake others.

These are easy games that can prepare you for more difficult ones in which you have to overcome obstacles and dodge tight turns. Evil and insidious opponents will lie in wait for you, and the game time will run very fast!

You need the arrow buttons to control your car. Besides, almost all games have hints that will help you find out what these or those buttons are for. There are games in which you can choose a car and a track along which the races will take place. Choose the game you like and enjoy karting!