About Helicopter Games

Helicopters are like dragonflies: they really look like these winged insects and therefore seem a little alive. While few are lucky enough to fly them in real life, there are no restrictions to play helicopter games online for free. With the help of helicopters, you will fight, transport goods, extinguish raging fires, and save people from disaster areas. This transport is the only one that can deliver troops to the jungle or pick up and carry the wounded. While playing helicopter games, you will learn about the different brands of helicopters, their unique purposes, and how to manage them.

Few people have ever experienced the feeling of helicopter flight, but helicopter games will fill this gap. Although the impressions cannot be called equivalent, you will become a pilot in an iron dragonfly. With the help of immense rotating blades, these aircrafts rise into the air where they perform the critical tasks of carrying loads and participating in rescue operations. Each type of helicopter has its own characteristics, and all of them are presented on our website. Flights on our “birds” allow you to indulge in fantasies where you are in the thick of things in war, fire, or in everyday life.