About Flipline Games

If you ask devotees of virtual games what flipline games are, then they will certainly smile. As games from Flipline Studios are constantly extremely upbeat and trigger a smile.

What are flipline games?

You will understand that games from Flipline Studios are in front of you right away and do not confuse them with any else. Flipline games have a unique quality of the picture, a unique approach, and specific heroes that are very impressive.

Among the legendary games of Flipline Studios, there are famous games with Papa Louie which is well-known to everyone as the owner of all types of restaurants that are possible. Flipline games also involve Cactus McCoy games.

Games from Flipline Studios have a bright design, high-quality visuals, and brilliant design. These are games with extremely humorous tales. Flipline Studios games are intended for players of various ages, both girls and boys adore it.

What are flipline games?

The key example of flipline games is games about Papa Louie. Papa Louie is a delightful man who holds an entire chain of cafes. He looked after all his cafes. But recently, more and more he bore thought that he wishes to find an heir who will switch him outside the cafe counter when Papa Louie himself can no longer handle the restaurants. Consequently, the owner sometimes takes boys and girls for a job, instructs them how to prepare food and control the kitchen, and provides food to guests. If interns cannot do it, then Papa Louie is extremely fast to destroy, so flipline games are fascinating and breathtaking games that are not simple to play, you must be concentrated all the time.

Among the cafés of Papa Louie, there are Burgeria, Freezeria, Wingeria, Gamera, Donuteria, Pastaria, Cupcakeria, Hot Doggeria, Pancakeria, Taco Mia, Pizzeria and more.

More genres of flipline games

Apart from the famous flipline games series with Papa Louie, Flipline Studios has other exciting games. A magnificent series of Cactus McCoy is a game in which the central hero is a cactus, called McCoy. He is a true cowboy, involved in treasure hunting. One day he gets a rather profitable order: you just must get a special emerald. You already predicted that the cactus was not constantly a cactus. McCoy was once a common guy, but as soon as he discovered a unique emerald on the branches of a cactus, he transformed into a plant. Now he is a cactus who can talk and move, but this is not especially comforting.

To become a human being again, Cactus McCoy should send the emerald to its owner. All games with Cactus McCoy are seeking a person, walking around the map, looking for objects, RPG, and quests. The character of these games is delightful, but he requires the assistance of a player to accomplish his goal.

Apart from Cactus McCoy, flipline games involve Jacksmith, Steak and Jake, and Rock Garden. An exciting unique design, fascinating plots, and elegant graphics combine all Flipline Studios games, which cannot be perplexed with the inventions of other creators.