About First Person Shooter Games

Games fitting in the type of First Person Shooter Games are similarly called FPS. A highlight of this type of game is that throughout the gameplay the gamer sees the location on behalf of the character, that is, in the first person. This is performed for more realism so that the player gets what occurs throughout the game via the senses of the protagonist.

What is the FPS comparing to other shooter games?

Comprehensively, FPS is comparable to other games of this category - it is additionally an action game, which includes gameplay, through which the person must use a specific kind of weapon or numerous kinds.

But the uniqueness of first-person shooter games is that such games are produced in 3D graphics, so they look very practical.

Also, the FPS creates a story linked to other examples of the category, which includes passing levels and fights with the opponent.


The history of the FPS games started in 1973 when the Maze War game emerged, and then the Spasm game was distributed. These were not yet complete examples of the category, but in them, the criteria for the appearance of the category were already noticed.

The category took shape even more in 1992 when the Wolfenstein 3D game was published, and it already had all the distinctive elements that later became important for the category.

The real feature of the FPS games category was the legendary Doom game, which has not lost its reputation to this day. All those games that emerged in the subsequent years within the frame of the category inevitably got the label of game clones.

In the following years, the games that were published began to increasingly enhance the category with all kinds of extra attributes. Examples of the FPS games group now had quest and riddle components, their narratives began to develop.

The category of first-person shooter games achieved its pinnacle in the 21st century, and some of these games were known by e-sports disciplines, and game competitions started to be held on their foundation.

What are first-person shooter games?

The principle of such a game is the same shooting game, but the camera that illustrates the player’s eyes on the playing field is situated in the senses of the hero operated by the player. Consequently, the player gets the whole gameplay from the feathered face.

These games at the base of the gameplay include fight.

For games of this category, it is also typical that the personality has comparative freedom of movement when contrasted with games such as Virtua Cop, where the person moves on rails.

Numerous individuals think that it is difficult to take into account first-person shooter games as a distinct category since these are still shooter games, so you must think of them as only a subspecies.

After a series of tests, the most appropriate and accessible way to manage the character was identified as the way to manage with the mouse and keyboard cutoffs. Most frequently in the first-person shooter games of the last production, the player has an extensive variety of gun choices that his person will utilize.