About Dominoes Games

If you would like to learn how to play Dominoes Games or already know how and want to demonstrate your skills, then welcome to the "Dominoes" section of games. In this category, you will come across the most incredible online dice games - from traditional dominoes to the most unusual versions of the legendary game. Demonstrate your talent as a masterful combiner and the victory will be in your pocket!

Development of dominoes games

Domino is a board game, during the procedure of which a chain of dice ("bones", "stones") is constructed, which are related with halves with the same quantity of dots, showing the number of points. This phrase also relates to other board games, the aim of which is to put dice on a board or a particular playing field with one or more icons employed to them so that they contact each other with the same name symbols.

The game emerged in China, it was there that dice were created in the shape of plates with dots of red and white colors.

Three hundred years ago, the game was transferred to Italy and altered. There is the World Domino Championship, in which the strongest players on the planet participate.

Dominoes games rules

The game can be played by 2-4 players. For two of them, seven tiles are given to each, for three or four, five tiles are distributed. The rest are put in a closed preserve ("bazaar"). In a modest “yard” domino, the person begins with a 1: 1 double, and if nobody has this double, any other in rising order. From the dice 0: 0 moves are prohibited. If there are no doubles hold by any players, they begin with the dice with the smallest quantity of points: beginning from 0: 1 and onwards.

Another player places dice with the matching points. If the player of the subsequent move has no suitable dice, he must look for it in the reserve ("go to the bazaar"): he chooses one domino tile "from the bazaar" until some dice with the required number falls out or until "runs out bazaar ". Then the player skips his move ("rolls") and moves the next one.

The game ends when one of the players places the last die, that is, he has no dominoes left on his hands.

What is the secret to the popularity of dominoes games?

More than 40 different domino games are known in the East. There are dominoes with colored dice, where the color denotes the nominal of the dice.

Domino is an old game that came to us from China. Very quickly, she migrated to different countries of the world and gained great popularity not only in its homeland but also in the West. In the distant past, cards, dominoes, and other board games were an integral part of family evenings. Adults and children loved to play together, and over time, the kids learned to deftly beat their parents. This delighted the younger ones, and the older ones only made them grin at the happy child.

In many games of the section, you will be able to regulate the number of opponents yourself. The game can take part from two to four players. Beginners can practice a little with just one rival, while real professionals and gambling gamers can try their luck competing with as many opponents as possible.