About Dolphin Games

Cute and kind, dolphins are cheerful and capable animals. Going with them on a boat trip, you not only can admire these beauties of the sea, but can also learn a lot of interesting things about them and other underwater inhabitants. Acting as a dolphin, players will have to flee from sharks, search for treasures on sunken ships, and sail past pleasure boats and sandy beaches, all while welcoming vacationers and deftly dodging jellyfish and the poisonous arrows of sea urchins. Just as a tip, a sea shark can easily be neutralized if you swim through several lifebuoys that act as hoops! The main thing to remember is that this toothy whopper will move along the same fairway where it will linger for a long time and become trapped. Dolphin games with dolphins are so exciting and can captivate you for a long time. To pass these speedy sea creatures, you just need to deftly dodge obstacles. You will not only encounter amazing underwater landscapes, but you may also find traces of the presence of people or even the daredevil himself. It will be necessary to bypass the nets of anglers without entanglement and to avoid oil spills, but otherwise, the rest of the game is completely positive. Often times playful animals collect stars or balls, while sometimes whipping out the most incredible pirouettes. As well, some dolphin games require just the use of arrows, while other can be played with the mouse.