About Carmel Games

What type of games bearing the name of Carmel games? How do they vary from other games?

Why are they so popular? About this and more interesting facts you can read below.

What are Carmel games?

This is how the website is named. It has a great variety of games from the creator of the same name. The company of this great brilliant team is situated in Israel, in Haifa. Everyone who has ever glanced at their platform or saw Carmel games on the Internet will certainly recall the distinctive exciting model of these games, the unique drawing style, and many more fascinating and exciting stories of Carmel games.
Game developers and designers of the site encourage users to step along with them on a journey in which you will appreciate it.

Having emerged on the market quite lately, the guys from Carmel games made very much noise with their distinctive exciting, and fashionable games. Today they are incorporated in the list of the trendiest designers, though they have developed not so many games yet.

What games are presented in the Carmel games category?

The designers of the site and Carmel games are known to players as two individuals who generate real game magic while sitting in a grimy garage in the suburbs.

The creators of Carmel games say that their games ensure everyone an exciting journey that will be a real break from life.

The uniqueness of these games is that they are designed by the kind of those journey games that were very trendy tens of years ago. As the games that motivated them to produce Carmel games, the authors called Monkey Island, Legend of Kyrandia, Discworld, Sam & Max, and many others.

The designers themselves were brought up by these games, and now they attempted to produce something in the same manner.

The unique universe of Carmel games

Guys Or and Moti argue that among Carmel games you will get a journey around the island, games in the manner of arcades and RPG games, and games in which you will have to do a range of responsibilities.

In games of this genre, shadow meetings and difficult mysteries are waiting for you.

All games in this genre are split by themes. There are Oki games where you will encounter ghosts and play a detective story, create your mixture of immortality and search for a cat with a peculiar old woman. There are also journey games in which you have to run, kill, hide and take part in races, get frightened and have fun, gather pointless and essential garbage, and you additionally must involve all your analytic skills to resolve the puzzles that the game gives you.

Also, the authors of the site introduced on the website mobile games, which have already been loved by fans of mobile games around the globe.
The designers of the site cooperate with GoodGame studios, which does not require to be introduced to you because you already know it. You know this virtual game designer company by its legendary game GoodGame big farm, as well as by games such as GoodGame legends of honor and GoodGame empire.

All the games that are available on the platform are distinctive and fascinating both in their execution and in the storyline.