About Cannon Games

As you know, a cannon is a type of artillery weapon that differs from its counterparts in a longer barrel. The range of the cannon is its advantage, and the speed of the projectile fired from its barrel is very high.

What is a cannon?

Firing from cannons is carried out with direct fire and this is because when firing it does not have such a large elevation angle. In the Middle Ages, all guns for artillery were called a cannon. So, for example, Tsar Cannon is a short-barreled mortar. By design, guns are divided into naval, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and coastal guns.

Due to the emergence of excellent physics engines in online games, it has become very appropriate to use a cannon as a game object.

The cannon games that you will find on our website are selected for their excellent graphics and good physical shooting model.

What cannons can be found in cannon games?

Here you will be happy to be able to shoot a variety of shells and objects for a variety of targets.

You are waiting for the siege of fortresses, the destruction of buildings, the destruction of enemy armored vehicles and stone walls, the extermination of aliens, and a variety of monsters.

By playing online cannon games you will have a great chance to practice your shooting accuracy. Transform into a professional artilleryman and inflict maximum damage to the enemy from a variety of weapons.

Cannon games undoubtedly belong to shooting games as well. This type of weapon is one of the oldest and its participation in hostilities could significantly outweigh the chances of victory for those who possessed it in sufficient numbers and had good command. In films about pirates or wars between kingdoms, we see cannons in the arms of the opposing sides shoot round cannonballs that are thrown out of the barrel by an explosion of gunpowder.

Why cannon games are useful?

This has already become a classic of the genre, although modern models use more lethal shells of different calibers and shapes, and the guns themselves are divided according to the type of action and application. The types of action include powder, steam, and electromagnetic cannons, although the latter is not a weapon, an alternative to a jet engine, which allows an object to accelerate along a trajectory using a magnetic field. As for the use of guns, the list here is much longer: aircraft guns, coastal, naval, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, tank, railway, nuclear.

Even though modern military equipment is reinforced with the latest armor and new types of weapons have been developed to defeat it, guns remain in service with different countries due to the ease of their maintenance and the relatively low price of the gun itself and ammunition for them. But this is too serious a topic to dwell on for long.