About Batman Games

Batman games almost always involve adventures, battles, exploits, saving lives, fighting evil, and cunning criminals. But they are also games of ingenuity, logic, focus, and quick wits. That is why Batman games are celebrated by guys and girls of all ages, despite diverse interests.

Did you know that there is a rating of the top one hundred best comic book heroes of all time? On this list, Batman ranks in second place, losing only to Superman (and Superman, as you know, is always beyond competition).

The story of Batman forms the basis of the comics, an animated series, and several feature films. The coolest of the movies was released recently. In addition, Batman’s costume is considered one of the most popular costumes that children choose for Halloween and other holidays. Only the Superman costume is more popular than the Batman costume, and it's hard to argue with that.

The main feature of Batman’s story—and indeed all the stories about superheroes, including Superman, Spider-Man, Catwoman, and others—is that the hero gets the opportunity to live two different lives simultaneously. During the day Batman lives the same spoiled fate as those people around him, but at night he puts on his magical costume and turns into a completely different person—a superhero. Perhaps that is why Batman games attract children and adults—you get the opportunity, at least for a few moments, to try on a role as a different person.

And it doesn’t matter that Gotham City isn’t outside your doorstep—you can have any city, town, or village outside the window when playing Batman games online. Unfortunately, places and ways to exploit others exist at every turn today; therefore, there will always be people who are offended by unscrupulous criminals and who need our protection.