About Attack Games

Once you get to the section where free online Attack Games is hidden, you will not avoid collisions with aliens, zombies, monsters, dragons, armies, and even microbes. You are attacked from the air and land, deep-sea torpedoes are ready to blow up the ship.

What is an attack?

Probably one of the most significant special missions for an officer in the decade of the campaign is to split the machine-gun command and begin to exterminate all enemies one by one.

Here the ill-wishers carried out a similar test with you, cutting off the naval infrastructure on which you are now located, from their own, and from the ability to report at least some kind of support. But you will not give up so easily, and without looking at what is around, if you do not recognize enemies, not passions, you will still fight until the next one.

You need to try to stand in such an environment for as long a decade as possible. Of course, it is not impossible to sit just like that, at the same time it is also necessary to knock out enemy counterattacks. And there are extremely many ill-wishers here, so keep your eyes open to hurry to get rid of the poisonous enemy who has befallen your zone. There are many weapons in your prescription, among which you can find shells.

What are the types of attacks and types of attack games?

Engineering Attack or Gradual Attack or Correct Attack or School Attack - was distinguished by the methodical methods, duration, and the use of various technical means aimed at taking possession of the enemy fortress with the least loss of personnel.

In the past, the main and most effective weapon of the infantry was cold steel. The purpose of the attack was to get close to hand-to-hand combat. During the rapprochement, the infantry could be bombarded from bows (later from firearms), and the defenders were able to aim much more accurately than the attackers.

A cavalry attack or a cavalry attack had an additional advantage: horses that were accelerated to high speeds could simply crush the enemy's formation with their mass. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, it was the cavalry that was the main attacking branch of the army.

Weapons and vehicles in attack games

The tank was created for an attack. However, the first tanks could only support the infantry attack. Since the 1930s, tanks have combined high mobility, protection, and firepower to become an independent attacking force.

An air target is attacked by fighters. In the course of the development of aviation, the tactics of an air attack changed many times. During the First World War, when aircraft were comparatively slow-moving and low-maneuverable, a frontal attack was widely practiced.

An attack on a ground (surface) target is carried out by attack aircraft or helicopters. Dive bombers have also been used in the past, and fighter-bombers have been used since the 1970s.

In our online attack games, you can upgrade your combat skills, tactical skills, and critical thinking.