About Angry Birds Games

Angry Birds—one of the most popular series of games in the world. It was created for several mobile systems, as well as for computers, by Rovio Entertainment in Finland.

The plot of the game is quite simple: as we see in the introductory video, Poached Eggs, pigs steal eggs from birds in order to prepare eggs to eat. Angry birds are not going to sit inactive, and begin to fight the pigs with the goal of retrieving their eggs back.

The classic gameplay is very simple: the player must shoot birds at the pigs using the big slingshot. The level is considered passed when all the pigs are defeated. Pigs can be destroyed both from a direct hit and from the destruction of building blocks.

In later games of the series, the gameplay is more diverse—from racing and RPG to the farm simulator and “three in a row”.

Angry Birds are often criticized by animal advocates, arguing that live creatures are used as shells in the game to kill other living creatures. A number of psychologists claim that Angry Birds injure the psyche of children under five years old who play this game, since the objective is to kill pigs. Rovio claims that pigs are actually alive, and their death is only an indicator of level progress.