About Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10 Game

Play Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10 online free game. In this wonderful game that can be played on all types of gadgets, the city has been attacked by an army of clowns in the Cannonbolt Crash Game. There is only one person that could save it: Ben 10. Cannonbolt, your favorite alien from the Ben 10 cartoon, is our last hope. Play the game, help Ben 10 turn into Cannonbolt and defeat the army of clowns. Hurry, before it is too late! Your job is to hit all the clowns that you might encounter. There are 15 levels of this thrilling story. Every level comes with stronger clowns and an increasing number of enemies. Did you get scared? You do not have to, because the number of strikes that you have will increase too, as you defeat more clowns in the game. Let's go!

Watch how to play: